Monday, April 2, 2012

Foto Hot Vicky Shu "Mari Bercinta"

Vicky Shu

Vicky Shu

Vicky Shu

Vicky Shu

Vicky Shu Continue 'Mari Becinta'

Vicky Shu singer is currently promoting her first single entitled Mari Bercinta 2. This song is a sequel of the first Mari Bercinta sung by Aura Kasih. The song Mari Bercinta 2 was created by Vicky Shu herself at the request of the producer.

"Incidentally the song that I created at the request of management and label. I think this is a sequel song and asked the management to the same theme song," she said when met at the show last season 6 Residents in Land Track TMII Theatre, East Jakarta, on Friday.

In the process of its creation Vicky Shu was assisted by Andrew Wullur who created the Mari Bercinta first. and the album title is given DRINK ME is all song material is also created by her own.

"On this album I happen to workmanship ciptain own 90 percent. Even if there is an idealist, but from the management to provide advice and input of the commercial side for the industry," said Vicky Shu who started her career as a backing vocal or featuring.

Women born in Cilacap is not afraid of the shadows Aura Kasih who sang early version of Let Me Love You. To girl everyone has the characteristics of each, and in this song Mari Bercinta Vicky Shu wanted to highlight with her version.


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