Saturday, May 19, 2012

Foto Model Hot Baby Margaretha Sexy With Chevrolet Estate Sport

Baby Margaretha

Baby Margaretha

Baby Margaretha

Baby Margaretha

Baby Margaretha

This Baby Loves Car!

As a full-time model, there are a lot of products that want to used Baby Margaretha as their representative, especially car vendors. She might be the most famous car sales promotion girl (SPG) in Indonesia, and she also seems love to pose near fancy cars very much.

Although I'm still thinking that using Baby Margaretha as an automotive sales girl might be a wrong decision. I mean, when she's rolling all over the cars wearing sexy outfits like that, who will even notice the car over the hot model?
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Baby Margaretha SPG

Up 'till now, Baby Margaretha still haven't got interest on becoming a TV actress or a movie star. She stick to her favorite profession as a model who mostly works in fashion department. Besides doing magazine photo session, Baby Margaretha usually appears as sales promotion girl (SPG) for automotive products.

This is very reasonable, because with beautiful face and sexy body, Baby Margaretha can attracts male customer to at least take a look at the products she offers. Besides, what is more compatible to a fancy car rather than a hot girl like Baby Margaretha?

In this post you'll see her in two outfits, first with purple mini-dress with open cleavage in the middle, and second with blue tank-top with low neck and short pants. Both are highlighted Baby Margaretha's enormous breast.

In this case, who will notice the car anyway?


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