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Foto Hot Artis Indonesia Cathy Sharon on FHM Magazine

Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

Cathy Sharon

Ridho Rhoma: Proven Work Me and Cathy Sharon OK

Not denied by the singer Rhoma Ridho, if proximity to Cathy Sharon often invite questions. However, he believes, about the soul mate is in the hands of God, and he had been still limited to a friend.

"Many hear comments of people if we match, yes it is their hope, but I do not focus on where I focus the same God. let alone as long as I can make people happy so it's OK," said Ridho Rhoma when met at the event launching the new single Goliath , Thousand Stay in Cilandak Town Square, Thursday (14/10).

When together with Cathy Sharon, son of dangdut singer Rhoma Irama was often discuss the talk of your fans, or anyone who discusses the proximity to Cathy Sharon.

"If there is news or twitter is talking about the two of us were so funny-persiflage alone, laughter materials," she said while holding a smile.

Ridho the inaugural play in the film strings together two Cathy Sharon's romance was not refused if there is an offer to play the movie back. For him no problem with the back of this issue more outstanding.

"If that makes me swamped job who does not want? Why not? Because cooperation has proven to me by Cathy Sharon was indeed ok," said the bearded man was.

Ridho admitted, working with Cathy Sharon for a fellow professional is more of an art worker. Included in the indie film directed by Cathy Sharon who also involve themselves.

"So far mostly about professional job, a matter he became director," she concluded.


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