Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Foto Artis Ika Putri "Sexy Performance on Stage" Part 2

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri

Ika Putri, Forward Mission Kartini

The position of women has now been able to say equal to men. Women the opportunity was open, not unlike the Adam, including the opportunity to be leaders or officials.

However, for singer Ika Putri, fight for the emancipation of women do not have to become an official. Wherever and whatever profession struggles to continue the mission of the RA. Kartini.

"She (Kartini, red) do indeed figure who fought for her people, who now can enjoy the results now. But I do not want to follow to become leaders or officials, there are still other ways,"Ika Putri said when met after playing futsal with my entertainment reporter in Kuningan Village, Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday night.

According Ika Putri, an officer must have a good capability. Therefore, women must be able to learn well equal with men. "As long as she can, of course, can do it," she said.

So what experience as a teenager led Ika Putri?

"I never finished junior high age student council chairman after it became chairman of the arts in schools. Now therefore, if asked to be official now, of course not. I would refuse because it is not interested in politics. Feeling is not capable alone," she said. 


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