Sunday, September 16, 2012

Koleksi Foto Artis Cantik Julie Estelle on Vacation

Julie Estelle Enjoy So Difficult Director

Was asked to help her sister being a director is a fun thing that is felt Julie Estelle. Moreover, it has long been Cathy Sharon's younger sister is wanted to work behind the scenes. So, when asked to help Cathy Sharon in a short film titled "GIRL IN THE WAITING ROOM", Julie Estelle immediately said yes.

"The truth is that I worked same Cathy Sharon because she asked me to help to co-directing. From the beginning I was interested in doing the work behind the scenes. It was really exciting," said Julie Estelle on the sidelines of the gala premiere of his latest film "Aku atau Dia", at Djakarta Theater Central Jakarta, Saturday (16/10).

Pleasure experienced by Julie Estelle become valuable experience for him. She realized that the work behind the scenes is not easy, because a role as a director harder than the players.

"Feeling a director who is not as easy as people imagine, just say action and cut it. All the concepts came from the director. The director is the head of the film. It's pretty hard, but enjoy aja," she said.

Julie Estelle was admitted, the difference in perception with Cathy Sharon frequently occur. But of course, the differences were not a barrier, but can create short films of quality.

"I really like what I do, and I'm excited about it, and there must be feeling tired and very exciting just wrote for me," she explained.


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