Monday, December 31, 2012

Foto Artis Leylarey Lesesne with Tattoo

Leylarey Lesesne: Tattoo Can Make Addiction

First, people must have the image tattooed her really bad. Tattooed people in ancient times often associated with criminals or at least people close to the world of violence. No matter male or female, the image that emerges is the image of 'naughty.

Yet another another first today. Today tattoo is considered as an art, along with the development of lifestyle alias-free lifestyle. This opinion is shared by Leylarey Lesesne, a young artist Akibat Pergaulan Bebas movie star, which also tattoo.

"If there is a link tattoo with recalcitrant, may be wrong. Because now many people (girls, Red) is not dressed bertattoo closed, but stubbornly insane. Tattoo and clothes do not necessarily reflect the behavior," said Aley, familiar greeting Leylarey Lesesne quibble.

We met at Planet Hollywood on Monday (26 / 4), in a gala premiere that starred in the film, Leylarey Lesesne admitted to having a tattoo is pretty much embedded in her body. In addition to the visible in the hand and on the back, there's more in places covered more personal. Wow, makes 'skin crawl' ya?

"Beginning a tattoo, could make mama very severe shock and anger. it's known, her name is also the mothers, but if dad (father, Red) more freely. But now OK, because it's my choice. And Ko lifeline that can make a tattoo addiction, want make again. But I myself have to limit yourself and think to make a tattoo anymore, because I was in the entertainment world who have their own rules, "she concluded.


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