Thursday, May 9, 2013

Foto Seksi Vitalia Shesya on Popular Magazine (Hot)

Foto seksi Vitalia Shesya - Lately a lot of talk from the media and the news about the case of Ahmad Fathanah. Also mentioned there is a Foto Model Seksi Vitalia Shesya who participated in the call-mentioned in the corruption case.

Vitalia Shesya as a photo model who claims given the heat of a car Honda Jazz and branded luxury watches Chophard by Ahmad fathanah it, also admitted that she was with AF (Ahmad fathanah) just about the only friend.

Then who is the figure of the
Vitalia Shesya? Here I provide a profile photo and biografi Vitalia Shesya that I have outlined to be one of many sources.

Biodata Vitalia Shesya is a photo of a model in their daily work as a hot model in an adult magazine. With no awkward style in photography, Vitalia Sesha is also a professional model photos in the current work.

Jobs in gelutinya as a photo model, Vitalia Sesha is also a nice and not arrogant of him. said one of the photographers who was a photographer Vita. Additionally Vitalia Sesha who now participate in his name mentioned in the corruption case, is a very outgoing fellow crew on break when shooting.

Vitalia Shesya photographer is only once this photograph, done around January. "My portrait only three hours, after it finished and never contact again," he said.

And here I give Sesha Vitalia Profile Pictures that are circulating in the magazine New World in style
Vitalia Shesya poses a fantastic ...

Download Foto Vitalia Shesya on Popular Magazine Disini


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